On the portal you will find an overview of your companies that use our services, including all your establishments. You can edit or add companies and establishments.

Editing of business entity data

If you have multiple IDs registered under the same login data, just click 1 list and choose the ID you want to edit.
If you wish to update your ID number, just click on 2 Name of company/entrepreneur, then Edit company will open.

Volba podnikatelského subjektu

You can make the necessary changes and click 3 Save to confirm their entry. You can also go directly to 4 List of establishments/ facilities / requests } assigned under the given ID.

Úprava firmy

List of establishments

You will see a list of establishments. Click on 1 Device to go to the list of devices that are registered under the given establishment (more information in the chapter Device +za-izeni}). After selecting 2 Edit, you will be redirected to the Edit establishment page.

Seznam provozoven

You can make the necessary changes. if the address and contact person match the data entered at the company, just mark the relevant field, otherwise it is possible to fill in the data below and click on %(marker-red)*%(color-gray)3%* % Save to confirm their entry.

Úprava provozovny

Úprava provozovny - adresa a kontaktní osoba

New establishment

If you want to establish a new establishment, you must first select which company from your list of registered companies the establishment should be established with. Mark the company and click 1 Select.

Nová provozovna

Then fill in the data for the new establishment (the same as when editing the establishment above). You create the establishment by clicking on the Save button.

Vytváření provozovny