Types and description of payment cards

Akceptované platební karty

The Dotypay payment terminal is able to read a payment card using:

1. Magnetic stripe

The card can be swiped in both directions (top to bottom or bottom to top), with the magnetic strip towards the device. Swipe the card in a slow and smooth motion for reliable functionality.

2. Chip

Insert the card horizontally with the chip facing up and leave it in the device for the duration of the transaction.

3. Contactless

Place the card in the place marked with the symbol for contactless payments. Keep the card attached until the contactless LED indicator confirms the transaction.

Payment card types

Contact chip payment card

If the payment card has a chip, use it in preference to the magnetic stripe. Insert the card into the reader with the chip facing up and forward. Leave the card in the terminal for the duration of the transaction.

Contactless payment card

Place the card in the place designated for contactless payments and leave it there until the terminal beeps and all the lights of the contactless payment card reader light up.

NFC transactions

NFC is a two-way data transfer technology over a short distance between a payment terminal and another device (e.g. mobile phone, smart watch)with support for NFC technology enabling the Contactless či PayWave service.

When paying with NFC, there may be a case when the transaction has to be made by contact, (inserting payment card into the terminal). This can happen in a situation where the security cumulative limit for contactless payment has been reached (each bank may set this limit differently) or in case of incorrect loading.

Magnetic stripe transaction

When using the magnetic strip, swipe the card in a smooth motion in one direction. Don’t make the transaction too slowly or swipe your card back and forth. The terminal could be damaged or an unwanted transaction could occur. When swiping the card, the magnetic stripe must face the inside of the payment terminal.

The terminal may ask the customer to enter a PIN: Enter the PIN on the payment terminal’s keyboard and confirm it with the green button (Enter). Use the yellow button (Clear) to correct the digits. If you wish to cancel the transaction, you can do so by pressing the red button (Cancel).

There may also be a case where the terminal asks for the card holder verification of signature. Compare the signature from the document (receipt) from the payment terminal with the sample signature from the back of the payment card. If the signatures are identical, press the green button (Enter) to complete the transaction. If the signature is not identical (or is missing), press the red button (Cancel) to cancel the ongoing transaction.