In order to activate the payment functions on the terminal, it is necessary to fill out the request and upload it together with other documents to a secure storage. Afterwards, the request is assessed. The approval process takes 1-2 weeks. After approval, it is possible to activate payment functions on the terminal and start accepting card payments.

Request for payment services

Whether you want to buy or rent a terminal, in order to use its functions, you must go through an approval process – and fill out an request. Our specialists will gladly fill the request with you.
After sending your request via the Dotypay website (or after phone call with the sales department), our specialist will contact you and agree with you a date for completing the request according to your time options.
The request is completed by telephone (time required approx. 10 minutes). To fill the request, it is recommended to have the following information ready:

  • Information about the company – according to information from the business register.
  • Branch details – name, address, contact person
  • Revenue – products/services you offer (and percentage of profit), total sales of the branch, expected turnover via cards, maximum and average value of card transactions
  • IBAN (international bank account number, e.g.: CZ55 0800 0000 0012 3456 7890)
  • Information of the real owners or the statutory representatives – Information from identity cards
    • Real owner – according to the law, the real owner is only a person directly or indirectly involved in the management of the company, who has at least 25% of the decisive rights. (e.g. self-employed)
    • Statutory representative – according to the law, this is a person authorized to act on behalf of an organization, company, municipality, etc. (e.g. an executive with signature rights).
      • If several persons have the right to sign, it is necessary to include all of them in the request (at the same time, they must all sign the request).

After filling out the request and answering your questions, our specialists will send you the request (and, in the case of renting, the contract) aswell as other instructions to your e-mail address.

The request (or the contract) must be verified to see if all the data agree and signed in the marked places according to the instructions sent (pages 2, 3 and 5). Afterwards, scan the signed request (or the contract) and upload it in a secure storage, the link can be found in the e-mail.
It is also necessary to upload a double-sided copy of the identity card of all persons who sign the request (real owner, statutory representatives – executives). Likewise, a confirmation of account management, contract or statement, which must contain the name of the company, address and IBAN, which is identical to the account specified in the request.
When uploading, remember to confirm your agreement to the VOP and GDPR, then you can choose Upload files.

The request is then sent for approval. The approval process takes 1-2 weeks. In case of incomplete documents or the need to answer additional questions, our specialists will contact you via the contact information provided by you ( e-mail or phone).

What happens after the request is approved?

As soon as your request is approved, you will be informed and invited to deliver the request (or contract) to our physical adress.
Sent the request (or contract) to our address:
Dotypay, s.r.o.
Plzeňská 3217/16
150 00 Praha 5

You have purchased the terminal

As soon as we receive the originals of the request, we will send you the activation data or our specialists will help you activate the terminal functions activate.

You have rented the terminal

As soon as we receive the originals of the request and the contract, our staff will contact you to specify the address for the delivery of the terminal, then the activation data will be sent to you, or our specialists will help you activate the functions of the terminal activate. You can also receive an already activated terminal and immediately start accepting card payments through the Dotypay request application Dotypay.