In this chapter you will find information on the individual payment functions that the Dotypay application offers.

After activating the terminal and applying the configuration, the Dotypay application will be added to your home screen (Launcher).This application processes payments in the background and also serves to manage transactions.

Login to the application

After clicking 1 Dotypay app, the login page will open. If the terminal has more than one entrepreneur/company profile, choose 2 Your device. Click 3 User, choose the role Treasurer or Manager, enter 4 PIN and click 5 Sign In.

  • The PIN for the Cashier is 0000.
  • The PIN for Manager is 1111.
    • Compared to the Cashier, the Manager has more functions available, such as the Refund function (returning the amount back to the card) or Deadline.

Aplikace DOTYPAY


After logging in, the app main screen will appear. It offers the user various payment functions. More information can be found in the following chapter Dotypay application functions.
If you log in as a Cashier and select a function for which you do not have permission, the terminal will prompt you to enter the PIN for the Manager.