In the section you will find a list of closings that were carried out on individual terminals. In the list, you can filter according to the relevant filter fields or click on the details of individual closures. Individual closings can be printed or saved in PDF. The section serves for an overview or control of completed closures.


1 Filters – 3 filters can be used in the list of closures.

  1. Select an establishment – If you have more than one establishment, you can choose for which closings should be displayed.
  2. Terminal selection – If you use multiple terminals, you can choose for which terminal you wish to display closings.
  3. Date – depending on the closing date, you can choose from: Today, Yesterday, This week, Last week, Last 2 weeks, This month, Last month, This year, Last year and Custom range (refinement using the calendar).

2 Entries per page – Below the list you can switch between pages or choose how many closings you wish to display on one page.

3 Detail – Click on the selected deadline to see its 4 *Detail *.

Close-up detail

The closing detail shows a summary of accepted transactions and a breakdown by card type. The selected deadline can be printed or saved in PDF by clicking on 5 Print.

Detail uzávěrky

Detail uzávěrky - Podle typu karty