Answers to F&Q about requests for payment services and Dotypay portal.

What to do if,…

I want to change my bank account number?

Please contact customer support Dotypay. They will fill out a change request form with you and send it to your email. In reply to the email, send back the signed form and a new bank account statement or account confirmation (the document must include the name of the business/company, address and IBAN).

My request for payment services is taking a long time to be approved and my terminal hasn’t arrived yet?

The request approval takes 1-3 weeks, we are not able to speed up this proccess. In case you want more information about your request, please contact Dotypay customer support.
In case of terminal rental – the terminal will be delivered after the application is approved and we receive the physical copy of the request from you. You will be informed of the approval, then the terminal will be delivered to the agreed address.

I have to activate my terminal?

In the case of renting a terminal, the terminal will arrive activated already. Just connect it to the Internet, insert a thermal paper and via application Dotypay you can start receiving card payments.

If you receive the terminal in Demo mode, you can activate it yourself – Terminal activation – instructions. If you do not know the activation PIN or need help with activation, contact Dotypay customer support. Our specialists will be happy to help you with the entire activation process, introduce you the features of the Dotypay payment application and answer any questions you may have.

My access to the Dotypay portal is not working?

If after logging in to Dotypay portal, the message “access to the Dotypay portal is denied” is displayed, Please contact customer support Dotypay.