Dotypay uses a modern type of payment terminal, which is also called a smart terminal. You can use it almost everywhere.

Appearance of the payment terminal

Technical specifications

Battery Li-ion 2600 mAh x 7.2V
Connectivity WiFi, LTE, SIM, GPS, Bluetooth, 4G, Micro USB
Touch display IPS 1280×720 pixels (5.5”)
System Android 5.1. payment security system
CPU Cortex-A7 Quad-Core
Fiscal module 2xSAM
Memory 1GB RAM, 8GB FLASH + Micro SD
Camera 5MPX, auto flash, autofocus
Security PCI PTS 4.0 / PCI PTS 5.0 (on order)
Contactless NFC Reader, IC card Reader
Thermal printer 58mm width x 40mm
Dimensions 183 × 84 × 64 mm

Description of the payment terminal

1 Place for attaching a contactless payment card
2 LCD touch screen
3 Payment card reader with chip
4 Payment card reader with magnetic strip
5 Microphone
6 Printer
7 On/off button
8 Volume
9 Front scanner
10 LED indication for contactless payment cards
11 LED indication for charging

12 Battery cover
13 Headphone output
14 Micro USB connector
15 SIM card slot
16 MicroSD card slot
17 Extended interface connector
18 Buzzer
19 Speaker
20 SAM card slot
21 Battery connector
22 Place for the battery
23 Lightning
24 Rear camera


The terminal has a total of three hardware buttons – one for turning on/off the device and two for volume control.They are located in the upper right corner of the front cover. If you have the terminal on and hold down the shutdown button, a window with options will appear. You can thus choose the appropriate options for the terminal, for example turn off, put it in silent mode or reboot.

The other three buttons can be found on the bottom of the device.
1 Running applications
2 Home – press this icon to return to the Launcher home page from any application.
3 Step back


You can find all the accessories offered here on the website: Accessories available