Individual payments are not credited to the account separately, but as a single payment. The credited amount is already net of fees. Money is credited to the account within 4 days (D+4) from the date of the transaction.


Statements are sent according to the propositions chosen in the application. Statements can be sent in PDF or XML format. Depending on the chosen frequency, they can be sent to your e-mail daily or monthly. In the case of a monthly frequency, statements are sent between 2. and on the 8th of the following month.

You can find information about individual transactions on the statement. The statement is sorted by date and time of the transaction.
According to the Type of transaction, you can tell whether it was a SALE, CANCELLATION or REFUND (return of the amount back to the card).
Furthermore, the statement contains the column Transaction currency and Transaction amount.
The ACC column shows the fee, the AAN column the net amount after fees and credited to the account.
The next 3 columns show the itemized charges namely AAI is Interchange, SF is card scheme charges and AC represents acquirer fees.

Výpis transakcí

On the last page of the statement, you will find Information about payment, a list of amounts and dates when the amount (sum of individual transactions for the period) was credited to the account.

Výpis - Informace o úhradě