When you start the terminal, the home screen (Launcher) will be loaded. This is a basic screen from which you can click on the appropriate icons to access the store or launch applications.


1 Launching applications

Click on each tile (icon) on the Launcher to launch applications. This can be a payment application (Dotypay), EET applications (Touch and Profi Receipt) or even remote support applications (Quicksupport) etc.

2 App Market

When clicked, 1 App Market will be displayed with a menu of downloadable apps. Next, you can go to the 2 My apps section in the bar to find all the apps you have already downloaded, you can launch them, or click on 3 Three dots to open the app menu. It can be uninstalled or set as the default application (the application would always start automatically when the terminal is turned on).

App Market

My apps

In the last section 4 Updates you can update individual applications if available.


3 Support

In Support you can find contacts and information about the terminal. In the 1 Technical Support section you will find contacts for Dotypay customer support and contact for SIA 2 Payment Support . In the last section you will find the terminal parameters, for example 3 IP address, which you will use to connect to POS systems. You may be asked by Dotypay customer support staff to provide 4 TID, BID and MID (unique customer, establishment and terminal numbers).


4 Launcher menu

Click to expand the Launcher menu. This menu will take you to the previously mentioned sections as well as others. The App Market and Support sections are mentioned above.

Launcher menu

In the Launcher menu you can also:

Enter Settings where you can select the default 1 Application language. Deactivate the 2 Wake lock to keep the terminal screen on or set a limit for the terminal to go into 3 Sleep mode (sleep mode keeps your terminal charged longer).
When you click on 4 Advanced Settings you will be prompted to enter your PIN. This PIN can be found at Device Detail on the Dotypay Portal or contact Dotypay Customer Support to communicate it. After entering your PIN, click on 5 Sign in.


Advanced settings

In the advanced settings, you can activate 6 Enable Wi-Fi hotspot on device startup, then confirm the change by clicking 7 Save.


Run Sync with portal. If a new configuration becomes available, just apply it.

Configuration application

Run About the application. In this section you will find the current version of the terminal