Answers to F&Q about applications.

What to do when…

I accepted a card payment yesterday, but the money hasn’t arrived yet?

The transfer of funds to your bank account is in the Czech Republic within 4 business days and in Slovakia within 2 business days of the payment.

Payments do not come separately from the customer’s account, but all payments come from the same account. How should I process these payments in bookkeeping?

That’s correct, according to your choice from the application for payment services, statements will be sent by e-mail (daily/monthly). The accounts from which the payments arrived are assigned to the payments in the statement. These statements are completely valid for bookkeeping purposes.

I don’t know how it is with my payments and deducting fees?

Payments will be send to your account once a day as a total sum (not per individual transaction). This amount is already net of transaction fees according to the payment service request. In case of further questions, contact Dotypay Customer Support.

I didn’t receive the statement for the payment terminal?

Monthly statements always go between 2nd and 8th day of the following month to the e-mail you provided in the application. We recommend checking your SPAM first. If you still cannot find the statements, contact Dotypay Customer Support.

The customer pays with a credit card, what will he then see on his bank account?

The display of the branch name (according to the information provided in the application) is automatically preset for statements. If you wish to display other information (e.g. name of company/entrepreneur), contact Dotypay Customer Support.

I am temporarily not using the payment terminal (no transactions go through it). How and where do I pay the minimum monthly transaction fee?

You do not need to pay anything, the fee is deducted automatically from the first transaction value / or several transactions that will happen on the terminal as soon as you start using it again.