The customer account on the portal Dotypay is free of charge. You can manage your data and submit applications through it today. We are preparing other interesting features for you, especially transaction reports and statements.

You can log in to the portal on the website: Dotypay portal.

Portal Dotypay - Login

1 Login

To log in to the portal, just enter your login details (email and password) and click on login (you can continue to the next section Dotypay portal features).

2 Forgot your password?

Use this function if you don’t know your password and need to reset it.

How to get a forgotten password?

  1. After selecting Forgot your password? you will be redirected to the Password Recovery page. Enter your login email and click 1 Send. A confirmation email will be displayed.

Forgot your password? - step 1

Confirmation email with password reset
  1. Log in to your email and click 2 Refresh in your inbox.

Forgot your password? - step 2
  1. A window will open to set a new password. Enter 2x the newly chosen password and click 3 Set Password.

Forgot your password? - step 3
  1. Password has been changed, click on 4 Go to login screen to return to the Dotypay portal login screen.

Forgot your password? - step 4

3 New user

This function is used to create a new registration on the portal. How to create a customer account can be found in section Registration on the Dotypay portal

4 Language

Click to display a list of available languages for changing the page language. The choices are English, Slovak and Czech.

5 Back to

By clicking on the link you will be redirected to the official website, where you will find, for example, all information on the products offered, sales offers or information on fees.