The Dotypay terminal has the KIOSK mode function. You can use this function if you wish to have the terminal connected to the cash register (Dotypay) and use it only for payments entered via the cash register.

Are you interested in the KIOSK mode function?

In case you are interested in adding the KIOSK mode function to your terminal, please contact Dotypay Customer Support. A configuration containing the requested function will be sent to your terminal. After synchronizing with the portal and applying the configuration, you will be prompted to launch the feature on the main Dototypay application screen.

After logging into the app, click 1 Activate KIOSK mode and confirm the mode selection by clicking 2 YES. In this mode, payments can only be made on the teminal by entering via the POS or EET app, where the amount entered from the POS will be automatically displayed on the terminal and you just need to complete the transaction by attaching/inserting your card.

Activace KIOSK mode - step 1

Activate KIOSK mode - step 2

Termination of KIOSK mode

To terminate KIOSK mode, select 3 Menu and then click 4 Sign in to log in to the Dotypay application.

Exit KIOSK mode - step 1

Exit KIOSK mode - step 2