Click on Services in the side menu and select 1 Create Request.

Creating a request - step 1

Confirm with 2 Select the company to create the request.

Creating a request - step 2

Instructions for completing the Application for Payment Services

You will be presented with the Payment Services Application page where you can complete and submit the application in 7 steps.


Check the Company Information (the Company Information is entered). If you find any discrepancies, just click on 1 Edit Company Detail. A new window will open where you can make changes. In the application, just click on 2 Reload changes. Next, double check or edit the details for the Contact Person for the company and select 7 Save and Continue.

Request- Client

New window – Company Edit

Company Edit

3 Company name – Enter the full business name of the company or business.
4 Established on*date of registration in the commercial register.
5 Company typeLegal form – Sole proprietorship, limited liability company, limited partnership, etc.
6 Registration Office and Registration Number
- Legal entities – File, number, maintained with the relevant court.
- Natural person – Name of the competent authority with which the entrepreneur is registered.

2. Fees

Choose 1 Proposal.

Request - Fees

Then select Agreed Fee Type as Type A and tick the agree to Declaration.
Continue by clicking on 3 Save and Continue.

Request - Fees

3. Establishments

Click to select 1 Choose branches for the request from the menu. Select the one for which you want to complete the application. You will then see the data for the selected establishment below.

Request - Branch

Check the Operation Information (Operation Information is entered). If you find any discrepancies, just click on 2 Edit branch details. A new window will open where you can make changes (just like in the Client step). In the application just click on 3 Reload changes.
Next, check and edit the Contact person details for the establishment. Complete 4 E-mail for statements (you can enter multiple emails) and select the desired format (PDF/XML) and interval (daily/monthly) of statements.
5 Description of products and services sold with percentage of sales – If the merchant offers multiple products or services, be sure to break down the percentages as well. The percentages must always add up to 100.
E.g. Jewellers – 90% jewellery sales, 10% watch repair.
Do not use the term Gastro, choose e.g. Refreshments 100%; Beverage sales 30% and snack sales 70%; Pizza delivery 100%.

Request - Branch

6 Fill in the bank account in the form IBAN, it must be the same as the account shown on the documented statement (e.g. CZ55 0800 0000 0012 3456 7899)
Fill in the full 7 Name of the bank with which the account is held.
8 Total establishment sales – Enter the total establishment sales (cash, credit cards, invoices) for the previous period (fiscal year). In the case of a newly established establishment, indicate the expected turnover.
9 Expected card sales for the year – If you already own a payment terminal, enter the actual amount, otherwise enter the expected card sales for the year.
10 Expected max transaction value – Indicate the maximum transaction value you expect.
11 Expected average transaction value – If you already own the payment terminal, indicate the actual average transaction value (based on historical transaction data), otherwise indicate the expected average transaction value.
Next, define 12 Ownership and 13 Operation Space. If you select Other, a box will appear to specify the definition (e.g. Restaurant, Booth, Mobile establishment).

14 Transaction type and share of transactions – Together must be 100% again.
15 Additional questions – If the answer to the question is yes, tick it. A window will then appear with a supplementary question that must be answered!
If you have everything filled in, click 16 Save and Continue.

Request - Branch

4. Persons

Complete this section with Information on beneficial owners and statutory body.
Select 1 Position for the appropriate person. Then fill in the required personal data.
- Real Owner – According to the law, a real owner is only a natural person directly or indirectly involved in the management of the company who has at least 25% of the decision-making rights (signs the application).
- Statutory representative – According to the law, this is a person authorized to act on behalf of an organization, company, municipality, etc. In case the organization, company, etc. has more than one managing director or partner, all of them must be listed on the application (according to the commercial register), but only those with the right to sign the application are required to sign it (also only those who sign the application are required to have a copy of their identity card).
- Authorised personAn individual authorised to act on behalf of the company but has no decision-making rights of the company. The proxy must submit a notarized power of attorney to represent the company (i.e., in addition to the standard documents, upload a notarized Power of Attorney to the repository).
- The person signing this application – The application must be signed by the real owner (business owner). In the case of a company, the application is signed by the statutory representative (the managing director with signing rights). For example, if there are two owners with signatory rights, both must sign the application (and both must provide a copy of their ID).
To add a box for an additional person, click 2 Add person.
Once all the information is entered, click 3 Save and Continue.

Request- Persons

5. Summary

You have completed the application. Please double check all the details. If everything is correct, click on Save and Continue at the end or Next Step at the beginning.

Request - Summary

6. Signatures

Download the pre-filled 1 request and, if renting, the 2 contract. Print and sign the documents (for applications on pages 2, 3 and 5), then scan them together with ID (of all those signing the application) and account certificate or statement (must include the name of the business/company, address and IBAN).
Click 3 Continue to proceed to upload the application.

Request - Signatures

7. Documents

In the last step, upload the documents in the appropriate fields. Click 1 Upload files to submit the application for approval.
The approval process takes 1-3 weeks. If you find a deficiency in the documents or need additional questions answered, our staff will contact you via the contact information you provided (email or phone).

Request - documents

What happens after the application is approved?

Once your application has been approved, you will be notified and asked to physically deliver the application (or contract) by post.
Send the application (or contract) to:

Dotypay, s.r.o.
Plzeňská 3217/16
150 00 Praha 5

You have purchased the terminal

As soon as we receive the original application, you will be given activation data, or our staff will help you activate the terminal functions.

You have rented the terminal

As soon as we receive the original application and contract, our staff will contact you to confirm the address for delivery of the terminal, then you will be given the activation details, or our staff will help you to activate the terminal functions activation}. You can also receive an already activated terminal and therefore start accepting card payments immediately.